Restoration Yard. A shop, cafe, and now a space to care for your wellbeing.

What a treat it was to attend the launch of a brand new space in one of my very favourite places, Restoration Yard in Dalkeith, just outside Edinburgh. These days, if you peek upstairs behind a door in the shop’s inspired homewares/design section, you’ll find a new, brightly lit loft with wooden beams, its skylight and alcove windows overlooking the green surrounds of Dalkeith Country Park…

The ‘Wellness Lab’ is what it’s called, and whether via yoga class, mindfulness session, pilates, CBT or even classes for the benefit of kids/babies, wellness is what you’ll achieve by attending one of the many classes on offer in this calming environment and studio space.

Find a programme of weekly and monthly events, here.

My session was very relaxing ‘restorative’ yoga: slow, easy, comfortable postures with plenty of encouragement to let go and soothe the mind.  I drifted away from the stresses of the day to a blissed-out state, to find myself even more receptive than usual to the magical surroundings of this shop, grounds and cafe in lovingly restored 18th century stables.

I wandered across the courtyard to take part in a mini ‘crafternoon‘ session — the art of ‘needle felting’, in the gloriously-papered ‘Hay Box’ room, accompanied by coffee and the prettiest cakes from the cafe — and my state of inner peace was complete.

I want to tell the story of this special spot soon, including, I hope, an interview with creative director Amanda Pratt. The Restoration Yard’s ethos is truly unique and worth understanding;  this is a retail concept that seeks, first and foremost, to benefit its customer by feeding the spirit.  This, they achieve not just with the addition of the new wellness lab, but with their whole approach.

One of the things I admire most about the shop is how refreshingly un-commercial a space it feels — great care and artistry, a desire to inspire and delight, has gone into the presentation of each and every detail in its furnishings, lighting, ceramics, beauty, clothing, gift and children’s areas, and as a result, shopping here a visual experience akin to a gallery visit or nature walk.

Sales feel almost accidental but inevitable, after all that gazing at so much gorgeousness.  It certainly always works for me.

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