General Store. A “big, little community,” born on the beach.

General Store.  4035 Judah Street, Outer Sunset, San Francisco, California, USA.General Store, San Francisco via uniqueboutiqueblog.comGeneral Store San Francisco via

“There’s a certain person who has this desire to live near the sea,” artist and shop-owner Serena Mitnik-Miller tells me.  “It’s hard to explain to people who don’t get it, but it’s important in our lives – an understanding you don’t even need to talk about.“  Serena and her husband and business partner, Mason St. Peter, make living ‘close to nature’ much more than a mantra.  “Nature is powerful,” Serena observes, “we are physically part of it – to not consider that as part of your life is ignorant.”  A truly holistic approach, both to making art and to the design and running of their San Francisco shop, has helped Serena and Mason create a local and global community. READ MORE

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