“Localism is driven by both altruism and self-interest; buying locally helps others around us in the community, but the act of ‘discovering’ extra-ordinary places also proves our own originality, and we all want to believe we are not like everyone else.  Similar motivations may drive a ‘localist’ commercial approach — locating and projecting what makes your product offering unique will not only attract new customers, but support and build on local economies, to the benefit of all.” Samantha Lawrie, Foster & Bloom

Foster & Bloom’s founder is Samantha Lawrie, creator, author and photographer behind ‘Unique Boutiques,’ a travel blog featuring interviews with the world’s best and little-known one-off, special shops.

Good fortune and a career in global brand advertising conspired to deposit Sam in many of the world’s major cities, and discovering new places — their hidden gems, indie shops and inspiring inhabitants — is her obsession.  She has a passion for exploring and meeting new places and people, an innate sense of what’s current and locally relevant, and good taste.  Her design and decor projects have featured on Apartment Therapy and in House & Home magazine.

Nine years in London’s advertising industry taught Sam what makes a business a brand.  As a literature post-graduate, an ex-literary scout, and travel writer/blogger, she also recognises the value of a well-told story.


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