Tinsel Trading Company. A shrine to kept things.

Tinsel Trading Company.  828 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10065, USA

Tinsel Trading Company via www.uniqueboutiqueblog.com

Some people like to keep things. Arch J. Bergoffen did. His thing was thread; shiny, bright, metal-covered thread, made in France, to be specific. It’s proper name, in the 1930s, was “tinsel.” His father was a tailor, and Arch or Mr. B, as he was known, also ended up in the trade; after working as an army mechanic during WWI, he went to work for The French Tinsel Company in Manhattan. He bought the company and its inventory in 1933, changed its name and began a life-long task of gathering.


Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. The vow of heroism is not to be taken lightly.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. 372 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NYC 11215, USA

Superhero Supply Co. Unique Boutique BlogA secret within a secret lurks behind the façade of an inconspicuous red brick building in Brooklyn, NYC.  Big, bombastic signs in the style of an old fashioned hardware store declare: “If we don’t have it, a superhero doesn’t need it” ; “Supersonic shipping to select universes” and even “We can help you with your nemesis problem.”


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