3 ACRES. It doesn’t get more ‘local’ than this.

Inside this old wooden country house is a truly ‘local’ boutique.  So local in fact, that its product — from sourcing through manufacturing to packaging — is all made right here in rural Quebec, Canada.  It’s the beautiful countryside flowers, bees and butterflies that truly own and run 3 Acres honey enterprise, but humans Stephen and Liliane take care of the business side of things… READ MORE

Restoration Yard. A shop, cafe, and now a space to care for your wellbeing.

What a treat it was to attend the launch of a brand new space in one of my very favourite places, Restoration Yard in Dalkeith, just outside Edinburgh. These days, if you peek upstairs behind a door in the shop’s inspired homewares/design section, you’ll find a new, brightly lit loft with wooden beams, its skylight and alcove windows overlooking the green surrounds of Dalkeith Country Park…

The ‘Wellness Lab’ is what it’s called, and whether via yoga class, mindfulness session, pilates, CBT or even classes for the benefit of kids/babies, wellness is what you’ll achieve by attending one of the many classes on offer in this calming environment and studio space. READ MORE

General Store. A “big, little community,” born on the beach.

General Store.  4035 Judah Street, Outer Sunset, San Francisco, California, USA.General Store, San Francisco via uniqueboutiqueblog.comGeneral Store San Francisco via uniqueboutiqueblog.com

“There’s a certain person who has this desire to live near the sea,” artist and shop-owner Serena Mitnik-Miller tells me.  “It’s hard to explain to people who don’t get it, but it’s important in our lives – an understanding you don’t even need to talk about.“  Serena and her husband and business partner, Mason St. Peter, make living ‘close to nature’ much more than a mantra.  “Nature is powerful,” Serena observes, “we are physically part of it – to not consider that as part of your life is ignorant.”  A truly holistic approach, both to making art and to the design and running of their San Francisco shop, has helped Serena and Mason create a local and global community. READ MORE

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