‘Meet the Maker’ project – Marte Frisnes

It was an inspiration to complete this copywriting project; to capture in words the story of jeweller & gemologist Marte Frisnes, for use on her website and online shop.

‘Meeting the maker’ always reveals to me something new and unknown about the impulse driving the artist. Fortunate to have known Marte for years, first as a client and now as a friend, I’d witnessed only part of her journey so far. I sat down to ask about her creative sources, aspirations and joys in life, for an ‘interview-style’ journal post and ‘about us’ page.

Since her childhood spent roaming the beaches of a remote island in Norway, Marte’s life path has been marked by a sense of curiosity and discovery. I tried to capture her wanderer’s spirit as a collector of objects, images and art, and explore how these scouted inspirations have materialised in her work.

Find Marte’s beautiful jewellery collection here: www.martefrisnes.com

All photos by Marte Frisnes apart from her portrait, by Mark Newton

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