General Store. A “big, little community,” born on the beach.

General Store.  4035 Judah Street, Outer Sunset, San Francisco, California, USA.General Store, San Francisco via uniqueboutiqueblog.comGeneral Store San Francisco via

“There’s a certain person who has this desire to live near the sea,” artist and shop-owner Serena Mitnik-Miller tells me.  “It’s hard to explain to people who don’t get it, but it’s important in our lives – an understanding you don’t even need to talk about.“  Serena and her husband and business partner, Mason St. Peter, make living ‘close to nature’ much more than a mantra.  “Nature is powerful,” Serena observes, “we are physically part of it – to not consider that as part of your life is ignorant.”  A truly holistic approach, both to making art and to the design and running of their San Francisco shop, has helped Serena and Mason create a local and global community. READ MORE

Artisan Roast / The White Petal Company. A shared retail space creating a new kind of community.

Artisan Roast and White Petal Company, Edinburgh via Unique Boutique

Behind the big picture windows of a chic, dark shopfront, Edinburgers have spotted something new in Stockbridge Village: 1. a giant fridge full of flowers, lit up like a beacon on Edinburgh’s dark winter afternoons 2. a scattering of leafy green plants on tall wooden trollies 3. a big, bright, shiny espresso machine and 4. a bunch of contented coffee drinkers.  Many have wondered what strange hybrid of retailer has colonised Stockbridge.  Some walk on, slightly suspicious, while a few bravely cross the threshold into a different kind of retail space, as yet unseen in our city. READ MORE

Labour and Wait. Inspired by a dustpan and brush.

Labour and Wait, 85 Redchurch St, London E2 7DJ

Rachel Wythe-Moran and Simon Watkins’ shop was born of discontent.  Bored with their respective jobs as menswear designers and disillusioned with the fickle world of fashion, they were both looking for an escape. Designing for the high street wasn’t cutting it anymore. “It had all become very samey and boring.  The design aspect involved reinventing the wheel every six months”  says Rachel.  Simon wondered why design had to be trend-oriented:  “The things I like to wear, I’ve always liked. Why can’t this apply to all the products in my life?”

Labour & Wait via Unique Boutique Blog READ MORE

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